Real Full Name: Ashton U. Rotef
Coma Full Name: Arceus
Nicknames: God (before to Season 3's finale)
Gender: Male
Current Age: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown

God Arceus (before Season 3's finale)

Angel Arceus (after Story 13)


10'05" (feral)

15'00" (anthro)

6'01" (human)

Body Type: Muscular
Orientation: Pansexual
Birthplace: Unknown

Blizzard (son)

Ho-Oh (son)

Cyanide (son)

Dial (son)

Palkia (son)

Zappy (son)

Frost (daughter)


Skully (boyfriend)

Brittany (girlfriend)

"Voice Actor":
Introduced: Episode 5


Arceus is a well-dressed man who's colors are exactly the same as any other Arceus.

He's always wearing a suit and tie. He also has a large sword and halo.


Arceus isn't a man of words; he doesn't talk too much. Normally, he says what he needs to get his point across.

He knows how everything plays out in life for everyone and hardly ever tells anyone, but he will change the future occasionally tohelp someone. This has been seen on multiple occasions (Telling Sasha if he kept drinking like that it would kill him, deciding to date Skully instead of declining, reversing time and stopping Lightning's death which led to Skully's and Grim's suicides along with Storm's death).

He's nearly always serious and when it comes to love and sexual things, he tends to be extremely awkward about it.

Arceus tends to go in disguise to help others directly and then never tell them it was him. He also tends to indirectly teach people lessons and then explain it afterwards if they think he was trying to "stab them in the back".

He tends to get lonely a lot, but never asks for time from anyone; he simply hopes someone will come spend time with him.

Despite being a serious man of business, he does enjoy strategy games and puzzles.


  • Expressions


  • Behavior
  • Fighting
  • Appearance

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