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Combustion (Normal)

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Combustion (Human)

Real Full Name: Aaron B. Darryls
Coma Full Name: Combustion
Nicknames: None
Gender: Male
Current Age: 28
Birthday: September 1
Species: Typhlosion

5'07" (feral)

6'02" (anthro)

5'11" (human)

Body Type: Muscular
Orienation: Bisexual
Birthplace: United States

Unnamed (father)

Spontaneuz (younger sister)


Skully (husband)

Brittany (girlfriend)

Leon (boyfriend)

"Voice Actor":
Combustion's Voice

Combustion's Voice


Introduced: Episode 1


Combustion is a muscular guy with an expression and look that would make most stay away; his look is for the purpose of a bodyguard.

He dresses punk; spiked collar and spikes cuffs (all black leather with silver spikes all the way around), a black short sleeve T-shirt with a skull and crossbones and "Punk" at the bottom, blood red jeans, and black boots with spikes at the bottom. His hair is in the style of liberty spikes (using grown out fur).

Although not seen from the front, he has a very short tail; not a nub.

Due to his neck flaring up when he gets too excited or mad, all his clothes are fireproof.


Despite his normal expression and look, he's actually very nice. He's one of the best listeners out there and really good at comforting. When others are sad, he'll hug them close and do whatever he can to make them feel better.

As far as protecting and a job goes, he usually gives them a warning before he throws a punch. When he punches, he doesn't hold back one bit, which usually results in something getting broken.

He has full control of his anger, but his jealousy is another story. When other muscular guys show off around Skully and spend more time with him than he does, he tends to get somewhat jealous and occasionally says something he doesn't mean to.

As far as romance goes, he's very good since he always listens to others and remembers what they say. He remembers what they like and don't like, so he usually finds a way to put lots of things they like together and leave out what they don't like. He's also a cuddler and hugger; sometimes he gets a little rough.

Sexually, he's dominant, but he gives people a chance to dominate him, but without powers. If they can, then it's a free go for them; otherwise, he tops.

He likes to cook and dance; for both, he's REALLY good. Any dance that exists, he can do. If you make a new one, he can do it perfectly. Cooking, he doesn't even need the recipe unless you want something specific; otherwise, he knows what tastes good together and what doesn't.

He's protective of his younger sister, but gives her lots of room for her own decisions; she's an adult. Usually, he tries to say things that are of good advice since she makes so many bad decisions.

For a long time, he feared telling his father he wasn't straight; when he did tell his father, he was "disowned" and for the first time, he cried. The reprocussions for his father were Leon kicking his butt and Skully spitting on his face. It was shortly after that he met his sister; he didn't even know he had one.

Basic Theme SongsEdit

  • Life Theme
  • Love Theme
  • Sexual Theme
  • Fighting Theme
    • Hadaouken! - Ugly