Feraligatr by Phoenix Pinion

Crocky (Normal)

Blue by nijuuni-d61howq

Crocky (Human)

Real Full Name: Joshua R. Oritz
Coma Full Name: Crocky
Nicknames: Captain Crocky
Gender: Male
Current Age: 45
Birthday: May 23
Species: Feraligatr

6'00" (anthro)

7'07" (feral)

6'00" (human)

Body Type: Toned
Orientation: Bisexual
Birthplace: Australia
Family: None

Skully (boyfriend)

Combustion (crush)

Jelly (girlfriend)

"Voice Actor": Puddle Of Mudd
Introduced: Adventure 5


Crocky wears a airplane pilot's cap or a ship captain's cap; he alternates. He also has a piercing just below his bottom lip in the center.

He wears a full sailor man's outfit.

On his left shoulder is a Navy anchor tattoo.


Crocky is a pretty down to Earth guy, but he's a little awkward when it comes to talking about sexual things. Due to being raped by Jelly (on accident; was mistaken for her ex-husband) several years before, he refused to love anyone for fear of sex.

He's very friendly and social and loves nothing more than to make people happy. He's known to crack jokes about himself or others over the intercom while flying or steering.

Due to his ship sinking in Season 1 and being saved by Skully, he's very close to him. He views Skully with admiration, debt, and basically looks up to him. He never feels like he's made up for that day.

Love-wise, he's very romantic, sweet, and caring; wrote a song JUST for Skully about how much he cares. Unsurprisingly, his favorite places for romance and dates are water-related. Ex. kissing in the rain, swimming in the pool, sailing, etc.

Despite his ship going down, he still sails boats. Due to sailing with Ivy as a passenger, Grace as the entertainment, and Sandy as a waitress (who all got out alive), he considers them close friends and says they were kept together by fate. Hence, when Crocky got a job as an airplane pilot later on in Season 1, he offered jobs to Grace and Sandy (who took the jobs) and Ivy (who refused te job since he figured he was too out of it to work properly).