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Doug (left)



Real Full Name: Doug D. Shablowski
Coma Full Name: Doug D. Shablowski
Nicknames: None
Gender: Male
Current Age: 26
Birthday: December 16
Species: Otter

5'07" (anthro)

5'07" (human)

Body Type: Average
Orientation: Bisexual
Birthplace: Unknown
Family: None
Lovers: Skully (boyfriend)
"Voice Actor":
Introduced: Japan 5


Doug often changes outfits, but never goes anywhere without his hat.

Normally, he wears blue jeans and some top. However, he has been known to simply wear his swim trunks.


Doug is very laid back and friendly. He's usually positive and grateful for what he has instead of always wanting something else.

He tends to be that guy that's hard to be mad at with how friendly and nice he is.

He's picked up being a mechanic for several of the characters by fixing their cars, trucks, planes, boats, and motorcycles. He never asks for pay, but if someone offers to pay him, he won't decline.

However, despite all of this, he won't hesitate to psychologically scar someone for life by using his ability to becomes them, know their memories, and sound like them. That's as far as he normally goes as far as revenge, but sometimes it calls for more drastic measures; in that case, he just beats them to death with a blunt object.

Love and RomanceEdit

Doug is open to everyone regardless of personality, appearance, and gender. He's willing to give anyone and everyone a chance regardless of what he's heard before.

With romance, he tends to play the dream guy. He likes to pay for things, always willing to listen, and is willing to do things you like even if he doesn't care for them. While he prefers that he gets the same treatment in some of those aspects, he never asks for them. For dates, his preference is a nice home-cooked meal and some wine.

For flirting, he's polite and sincere; never crude or disrespectful.


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