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Firestorm (Normal)

Entei by meteoramaxwell-d3gg9pi

Firestorm (Human)

Real Full Name: Nick P. Douglas
Coma Full Name: Firestorm
Nicknames: Prince Charming (Skully and Blaze)
Gender: Male
Current Age: 38
Birthday: December 3
Species: Entei

6'05" (anthro)

7'02" (feral)

6'05" (human)

Body Type: Toned
Orienation: Pansexual
Birthplace: United States

Lightning (younger brother)

Unnamed Suicune (younger sister)

Unnamed Entei (son)

Unnamed Growlithe (daughter)


Blaze (wife)

Skully (boyfriend)

"Voice Actor": Gunther (from Gunther and the Sunshine Girls)
Introduced: Lightning and Firestorm's Story


Firestorm wears a stereotypical rich guy's robe that's dark red in color and has a fancy "F" on the front. Underneath that is a white dress shirt. He wears black dress pants and black laceless dress shoes.

Underneath his mask is a lion-like face that's only brown fur (instead of red and yellow).

His cloud-like mane is not actually stuck on any specific place, so he often moves it from his back to make it a tail, or something else.

He often wears reading glasses.


Firestorm is very generous and sophisticed. He's similar to Gyra, but not all about intellect. He does read occasionally, but just for entertainment.

He doesn't like to fight, but will after "the first punch is thrown".

He's calm, romantic, and compassionate (unlike his brother, Lightning).

While he cares for everyone, family and relationships come first. Friends come second.

He's also very famous for his looks and so girls and sometimes even guys go gaga over him. He sometimes will accumulate over 200 phone numbers in one day from fans, but he never contacts anyone. As a famous guy, he's well-known and people often try and give him special treatment, but most of the time he refuses. The only time he ever uses the fame for personal reasons is to show how important his family and lovers are to him; not ego-related, just to show he cares.

He's a logical thinker and he's very observant of others, his surroundings, and everything else.


  • Family
  1. Lightning
  2. Suicune
  • Lovers
  1. Blaze
  2. Skully (In depth ---> Firestorm and Skully)

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Basic Theme SongsEdit

  • Life Theme
  • Love Theme
    • Justin Timberlake - My Love
  • Sexual Theme
    • Justin Timberlake - SexyBack
  • Fighting Theme
    • Pendulum - Showdown

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