FLIPPY My Version by WarGreymon43

Flippy (and Fliqpy) (Normal)

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Flippy (Human)

Real Full Name: Flippy Calloway
Coma Full Name: Flippy
Nicknames: None
Gender: Male
Current Age: 24
Birthday: July 4
Species: Bear

5'10" (normal)

5'10" (human)

Body Type:


Orientation: Bisexual
Birthplace: United States

Unnamed (Father)

Unnamed (Mother)


Skully (fiance)

Flaky (girlfriend)

Fliqpy (boyfriend)

Splendid (boyfriend)

Splendont (boyfriend)

"Voice Actor": My Chemical Romance
Introduced: Russia 4


Flippy is almost always wearing his military uniform, but will wear casual clothing on occasion; blue jeans and a black tanktop. No matter what he wears, he wears his dogtags and beret.


Flippy is shy, friendly, social, and compassionate.

He likes dancing, singing, and generally making others happy.

Although not the best, he will jump into action to save someone else even if he doesn't stand a chance.


  • Expressions

Most (pic)

  • Behavior
  • Fighting
  • Appearance

Normal (minus his camo pants) with Fliqpy (pic)

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