Fliqpy (Human)

Real Full Name: Fliqpy Calloway
Coma Full Name: Fliqpy
Nicknames: None
Gender: Male
Current Age: 24
Birthday: July 4
Species: Bear

5'10" (normal)

5'10" (human)

Body Type: Average
Orientation: Bisexual
Birthplace: United States

Unnamed (Father)

Unnamed (Mother)


Skully (fiance)

Flaky (girlfriend)

Flippy (boyfriend)

Splendid (boyfriend)

Splendont (boyfriend)

"Voice Actor":
Introduced: Russia 4


Fliqpy is almost always wearing his military uniform, but will wear casual clothing on occasion; blue jeans and a black tanktop. No matter what he wears, he wears his dogtags and beret.


Fliqpy is a violent, somewhat crazy, and serious version of Flippy that came out of his traumatization in the war.

However, despite what was seen in the show, he managed to calm down somewhat after meeting Skully. Due to this, others are more comfortable around the Flippy.

Later on, after getting his own body, much more is shown of him; he's an amazing fighter and survivor who will fight to the death to protect what he loves and cares about.

When he becomes violent, it's typically seen through his brutal murders on others and his crazy side is more along the lines of being somewhat of a daredevil with no real concern for his own safety.

His serious side is more along the lines of hardly smiles and thinks of most fun activities as stupid; violent activities excluded.

Love and RomanceEdit

  • Mainly guys, but some girls.
  • Handsome guys and beautiful girls.
  • Those who have been in combat.
  • Those who aren't afraid to kill.
  • Those who are like him.
  • Those who are the opposite of him.
  • Comes on strong.
  • Mainly physical.
  • Although initially harsh, it typically becomes sweeter.
  • Mainly kissing.
  • Will hug on occasion or if they initiate it.
  • Will not hold hands.
  • Will cuddle, but only if the other person asks him to. Excection is if he thinks they need the comfort.
  • Dinner.
  • Movies.
  • Camping.
  • Hiking.
  • Arcade.
  • Laser tag.
  • Any sort of combat training or violent event.
  • Sometimes flowers.
  • Can be convinced to dance.
  • Will let his lover wear any article of his clothing except the dog tags.
  • Will do duets.
  • Very protective, but not overly.
  • Extremely vengeful if his lover is hurt.
  • Never gives up on them.
  • Will teach them survival skills over time.
  • Keeps things interesting.

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