Garrus Vakarian
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Garrus (Casual)

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Garrus (Season 8)

Full Name: Garrus Vakarian (All Seasons)
Nicknames: None
Gender: Male

31 (Season 4)

31 - 33 (Season 5)

33 - 35 (Season 5.5)

35 (Season 6)

35 (Season 7)

Birthday: May 3
Species: Turian


Body Type: Average


Birthplace: Palaven

Castis Vakarian (Father)

Unnamed (Several Siblings)

Lovers: Skully (husband)
Introduced: S4 E17


Garrus appears to be normal as far as typical Turian physiology goes, but has steel blue colony markings on his face to mark his colony. He has grey plating/skin.

He has pale blue eyes and scarring across the right side of his face from when the rocket hit him during a mission.

He almost always wears a small visor on his left eye that assists in many ways, but mostly aiming or seeing things further away.


Overall, he is a highly dedicated, loyal man, who would take action over sitting around talking in a crsis. If you have his respect, and therefore, his loyalty, he will follow you to the ends of the Earth. He cares about his crew, whether they're on equal footing, or have a superior-subordinate relationship, very deeply. 

His mission goals are of the utmost importatance in his mind, above all else, even the needs of others -- save for those in his squad or circle. Duty is important to him, and he is easily frustrated when he can't do what he has deemed to be his job/goal. His Turian upnringing dictates that he places the good of many over his personal goals. He sees things in, as he says "black and white"; either someone is innocent, or they're a criminal. For him, grey is too confusing at times; when facts point in different directions, he starts to lose sight of what it is that needs to be done.

Garrus' personal life is disastrous during the Mass Effect timeline; he makes an abrupt switch from the jaded, world-weary sort of rogue cop he's become, and turns into the galaxy's most painfully, awkward teenager going for his first date. He can be racist, taking a broad view of a certain race, but is, as evidenced by his conversations in the first game, willing to change his views on an individual basis.

Love & RomanceEdit


First CircleEdit

  1. Unnamed Father
  2. Unnamed Siblings
  3. Skully Calloway

Second CircleEdit

  1. Henry Kage
  2. Tali'Zorah vas Normandy
  3. Urdnot Wrex
  4. Liara T'Soni
  5. Ashley Williams
  6. Kaiden Alenko
  7. Jeff Moreau
  8. Lantar Sidonis

Third CircleEdit

  1. Urdnot Grunt
  2. Thane Krios
  3. Samara
  4. Jack
  5. Legion
  6. Mordin Solus
  7. Zaeed Masani
  8. James Vega
  9. EDI
  10. Nihlus Kryik
  11. Fox McCloud
  12. Ratchet
  13. Nick Wilde

Fourth CircleEdit

  1. Miranda Lawson
  2. Jacob Taylor
  3. Kasumi Goto
  4. Samantha Traynor
  5. Kelly Chambers
  6. Javik
  7. Tarquin Victus
  8. Adrien Victus
  9. Zaal'Koris
  10. Kal'Reegar
  11. Han'Gerrel
  12. Saren Arterius
  13. Septimus Oraka