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Gyra (Normal)

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Gyra (Human)

Real Full Name: Andrew O. Peggins
Coma Full Name: Gyra
Nicknames: None
Gender: Male
Current Age: 27
Birthday: April 3
Species: Gyarados

7'02" (anthro)

24'05" (length; feral)

6'04" (human)

Body Type: Toned
Orientation: Pansexual
Birthplace: United States
Family: None
Lovers: Sparkx (boyfriend)
"Voice Actor":
Gyra's Voice

Gyra's Voice


Introduced: Gyra's Story


Gyra has a scar over his right eye from where he was slapped by a fin back in Season 1. Other than that, he has no other changes to his body that would make him look like any other Gyarados.

For clothing, he wears swim trunks most of the time and nothing else. However, if he goes out (ex. a date or errands), he wears a grey business suit with a white undershirt and a red tie.

For accessories, he wears reading glasses for reading, but wears them at all times. You could consider a book for an accessory as well, since he always has one with him; the one he's reading at the time.


Gyra is laid back and very open-minded. He believes that everyone deserves a chance no matter what; anyone is capable of changing. He does not discriminate and as long as you're nice to him, he'll be nice to you.

He won't stand for bullying, harrassment, racist comments, sexist comments, and other things like that. He believes everyone is equal (well, most) and therefore should be treated as such. He likes to help others with anything he can and will put his own things aside to do so.

Unlike most Gyarados, Gyra is very intellectual and sophisticated. He likes to read fiction and nonfiction to learn as much as possible.

He's very forgiving as well and doesn't like to assume things based on indirect statements or when people tell him things. The last thing he wants is to put blame where it doesn't belong.

While he is a very nice guy, he does have a violent side; this only comes out when everything else fails and even then, he won't resort to killing. However, he doesn't mind violent video games and is very capable of killing to save himself or someone else if it actually calls for it.

Gyra has a thing for love; likes to see it, likes to read it, and always wanted to experience it, but no one was ever interested in him and vice versa. When Sparkx came along, he fell in love and it was the best thing in life for him.

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