024 Arbok by pokemorph challenge

Ivy (Normal)

Arboks are badass by dichord-d4n94qh

Ivy (Human)

Real Full Name: Ivan D. Hyro
Coma Full Name: Poison Ivy
Nicknames: None
Gender: Male
Current Age: 32
Birthday: July 16
Species: Arbok

6'07" (anthro)

12'00" (length; feral)

6'03" (human)

Body Type: Slender
Orientation: Bisexual
Birthplace: United States
Family: None

Skully (husband)

Brittany (girlfriend)

Voice: The Killers
Introduced: Adventure 5

Survivor Syndrome (Cured)

Mild ADHD (Stablized)

Catatonia (Both Kinds; Cured)


Ivy is just like other Arboks in appearance with the exception of his deep blue eyes and the pattern on his chest being two hearts for eyes and a creepy smile below it.

He wears glasses at all times due to bad eyesight.

He stays in his feral form the most often, but when anthro, he wears black jeans, a green hoodie, and no shoes.


Ivy's personality seems to change various times with only small things that stay consistant.

In Season 1 (before Ivy's trainer died on the cruise ship), he was very protective and clingy. Afterwards, he was very out of it and could never seen to focus or think straight. This lasted into Season 2 (where he had short times where he thought straight) and Season 3 (where it led to his death).

In Season 4, he seems to have gotten over it as he says he was still mourning and in shock. Due to being back to normal, his personality seemed to be that of a friendly and social guy who just wants to make people happy. He was still a little protective, but not overly.

In Season 5, he seems to have gotten slightly pervy (mainly with Brittany) and dropped the protectiveness, but is still friendly and social.