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Knight (Normal)

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Knight (Human)

Real Full Name: Robert C. Rasto
Coma Full Name: Knight
Nicknames: None
Gender: Male
Current Age: 27
Birthday: September 27
Species: Dragonite

7'10" (feral)

7'05" (anthro)

6'01" (human)

Body Type: Slightly Chubby; Slightly Muscular
Orientation: Bisexual
Birthplace: Ireland (no accent)
Family: None
Lovers: Skully (boyfriend)
"Voice Actor": Drowning Pool
Introduced: Season 5 (Ireland)


Knight has no changes to that of an anthro Dragonite with the exception of the black around his eyes that gives off an evil expression.

He wears a military hat, a thick coat, and pants; all olive green. Then he has black combat boots.

His arms and legs are slightly muscular while his stomach his slightly chubby.


Knight is easily angered, but usually it's because of sadness that quickly transitions to anger. He's very violent and won't hesitate to hit someone who's bothering him or someone he cares about.

Deep inside, he's very lonely and just wants someone to stay and love him; only then is he loving, sweet, and caring.

Due to being abandoned multiple times by people he thought loved and cared about him, he has trust issues and doesn't like talking about his past. He will often start crying out of nowhere and within seconds will punch a hole in the wall or break something out of anger.

He will apoligize profusely if he hits someone on accident, but unless he likes you, that's all you'll get out of him.

Although he was never in the military, his first family had a military family and he kept the outfit when they left him.

When crying, it's best to leave him be and get away; otherwise, you run the risk of getting hurt. The only time he won't rage is if Skully walks in and tries to comfort him. When this happens, he usually just tears up more and hugs Skully tightly; his only form of comfort.

He finds it very hard to move on from past mistakes and his past life.

Although he tends to blame everyone for everything (except Skully), he feels deep down that everything is his fault whether it is or not.

Basic Theme SongsEdit

  • Life Theme
    • The Cinematic Orchestra - To Build A Home
  • Love Theme
  • Sexual Theme
  • Fighting Theme