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Lightning (Normal)

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Lightning (Human)

Real Full Name: Jamie L. Douglas
Coma Full Name: Lightning
Nicknames: Speedy Gonzales
Gender: Male
Current Age: 35
Birthday: August 18
Species: Raikou

6'03" (anthro)

6'05" (feral)

6'01" (human)

Body Type: Slender
Orientation: Gay
Birthplace: United States

Firestorm (older brother)

Unnamed Suicune (older sister)

Lovers: Skully (husband)
"Voice Actor":

Mindless Self Indulgence

Introduced: Lightning and Firestorm's Story


Lightning wears a thin rainbow hoodie and pink short shorts, but no shoes. Before the Season 2 finale, he wore black jeans with a pink belt instead of pink short shorts.

Since the Season 2 finale, he no longer wears his mask, so his face resembles that of a mountain lion, but with yellow and black fur.

The purple storm cloud is actually his hair; goes down just past his waist.


Lightning is basically a stereotypical black girl; sassy. He uses phrases like "b*tch please", "Now you f*cked up", and "I'm about to smack a h*".

He's very critical about people's fashion sense and pretty much anything else.

When it comes to speed, he's very cocky due to how fast he can go (without caffiene; on it, it's practically double)

He's very flamboyant, so it's almost impossible to NOT know he's gay.

His sassy attitude makes Skully laugh, but it gets on his nerves sometimes. It also gets Lightning in trouble occasionally.