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Monarch (Normal)

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Monarch (Human)

Real Full Name: Mark H. Lizz
Coma Full Name: Monarch
Nicknames: None
Gender: Male
Current Age: 25
Birthday: May 30
Species: Butterfree

5'08" (anthro)

3'00" (feral)

5'08" (human)

50'00" (giant)

Body Type: Slender
Orientation: Gay
Birthplace: Mexico (migrated; not Hispanic)
Family: Unnamed (younger sister)

Oliver (Shaymin) (husband)

Skully (boyfriend)

"Voice Actor": Perrin Lamb
Introduced: Adventure 9


Monarch has blue eyes and black hearts at the bottom of his wings; the only differences between him and other Butterfrees.

He typically wears blue jeans, a white tanktop, and a vintage 1960's straw sun hat with pink ribbon (for gardening and yardwork, but wears at all times). When he goes out, he puts on a white, thick jacket with tan-ish fake fur lining the ends of the sleeves, bottom, collar, and hood. Along with that, he usually has a pink scarf. The reason for those two (along with the blue jeans), is that he gets cold easily.


Monarch is a very bubbly guy; always trying to cheer up others by being optomistic and showing them the bright side of life. He uses analogies occasionally when doing this and flowers and nature are common themes in his analogies.

He believes that no good deed goes unrewarded, so if he sees something like that happen, he takes it into his own hands to reward them in his own way. He gives flowers he grows as gifts quite often and has his own garden back at the house he grows with his husband, Oliver (Shaymin); he has a portable one too.

It's been shown that he shows respect for death by planting flowers for said family and friends. Each flower has a special meaning to him and it takes a good eye to recognize this, let alone figure out what it means. He also gives respect to the military by planting flowers in respect to the fallen. Despite flowers representing loss, he also plants flowers for happy moments as well. Ex. when Skully's mom was brough back.

He's a very sweet guy; so nice, it's hard to be mean to him unless you're just heartless.

Monarch also has a thing for baking; cookies mainly, but also other things. Skully has told him on many occasions that his cookies are better than anywhere else's.

Also been shown, is that he's always willing to help those in need; if he can't do it, he finds someone who can.

He hates the cold and tries to avoid it the best he can; normal winters can prove fatal to him, so he stays inside where it's warm unless he absolutely has to leave. Even then, he tries his best to stay warm by finding heat sources.

Love-wise, he's even sweeter than normal; gifts, romantic dates, cuddly, huggy, and a really good kisser. He likes to make breakfast in bed for his lovers and jumps into action when they get sick; insists they get rest while he does the work, cooks for them, and helps them get better.