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 Real Full Name: Rebecca Bleeder
Coma Full Name: Tat Girl
Nicknames: Rebecca
Gender: Female
Current Age: 28
Birthday: April 29
Species: Human
Height: 5'10"
Body Type: Average
Orientation: Bisexual (only for Skully)
Birthplace: United States
Family: None

Skully (husband)

Brittany (girlfriend)

"Voice Actor": P!nk

Episode 9


Rebecca keeps her outfit and style from the movies; tight-fitting black leather pants, a belt with two hammers and a pistol, a black leather bra, a black denim jacket, and black biker boots. She has brown eyes, brown hair (but most of it dyed red), and is white.

She has teardrop tattoos on her pointer fingers and multiple tattoos along her arms. Although hard to notice unless you get close, she has a small hoop piercing that through both nostrils and is snug up against the bottom of her nose.


Rebecca has kept her personality from the movies, but is a little calmer. In the movies, she didn't talk much, but once out, she talked much more. She's brutal, ruthless, and dangerous when mad, but otherwise she's a good friend and lover.

Along with Stephanie and Erin, she is a survivor from the female biker gang, "The Bleeders"; she's second-in command with Stephanie and Erin holding the lead position together.

She never finished highschool due to too many troubles, which is why she joined a gang; to give her life purpose.

Although she's highly violent and dominant, she will recognize when her life has been saved or when people have done things for her and will give thanks when it's due.

She found it odd that she fell in love with Skully towards the end, since everyone in the gang is a lesbian, but saw that Stephanie and Erin didn't mind, so she gave into her feelings. With Skully, she acts like a best friend, but still far from girly. If Skully gets hurt by someone else and she's around, she beats them to a bloody pulp. When people that she knows or are friends/lovers/family with someone she cares about, she'll give a maximum of two warnings in a given time period before she beats them up. All three gang members quit the gang when Skully asked, but as soon as he allowed them to continue, they immediately took the offer.

Rebecca isn't very good at being romantic, flirty, or sweet; her style of flirting is to punch you in the shoulder and call you names. Although she's not very good, as of Season 5, she's really started working on it for Skully's sake since he said he couldn't deal with the constant best friends only kind of relationship.