• Mansion (Skully)
  • House (Kane)
  • House (Isis)
  • House (Lynn)
  • Citadel Apartments (Everyone)
  • Cabin (Skully)
  • Apartment (Iblis)
  • House (Titan)
  • House (Kazue)
  • House (Ceralith)
  • House (Aeva)
  • Cottage (Originally owned by Aeva, passed on to adopted family)


  • Saiba Inu- A local restaurant that combines aspects of American cyber bars and Japanese maid cafes, serves primarily Asian-style fusion cuisine that draws influence from China, Japan, Korea, and Thailand. Currently under ownership of Kazue Fujiyama.
  • Bull Corgi Brewhouse- A localized brewery well-known for producing quality liquors and is slowly expanding to deliver products nation-wide. Currently under ownership of Mordechai Amsel in honor of his late stepsister Danya Amsel.
  • Näcken of the Lake- An establishment that includes a restaurant and music hall, casino, and even a hotel that draws inspiration from The Bellagio in Las Vegas with a gorgeous lakeside location. Live music shows are hosted on a weekly basis. Currently under ownership of Orpheus Engström

  • Kaze no Ibuki- A Japanese-style resort that houses a number of restaurants and cafes, an indoor bathhouse, outdoor hot springs, and an extensive Japanese garden. Located in the mountains and caters primarily to magical and monstrous folk, though booking a room here allows non-magical guests to travel anywhere they wish instantly through the use of the hotel's teleportation services until they leave. Currently under ownership of Naomi Kita.

  • The Cask & Cello- A bar-esque establishment that combines aspects of a medieval-style tavern, equipped with a casino, pseudo music hall, and the charm of a home-style English diner that serves homemade meals and desserts. Currently under ownership of retired musical performer Mavis Abernathy and her son Darcy Abernathy.  

  • Le Diable Danse- Translated literally as 'The Dancing Devil', this establishment is a grand Las Vegas style casino, complete with hotel room suites for overnighters, outdoor and indoor pools, a buffet style restaurant featuring international cuisine, a large bar and game room, a music hall, and an airy garden area. Currently under ownership of Castiel Larsson.

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