• Mansion (Skully)
  • House (Kane)
  • House (Isis)
  • House (Lynn)
  • Citadel Apartments (Everyone)
  • Cabin (Skully)
  • Apartment (Iblis)
  • House (Titan)
  • House (Kazue)
  • House (Ceralith)
  • House (Aeva)
  • Cottage (Originally owned by Aeva, passed on to adopted family)


  • Saiba Inu- A local restaurant that combines aspects of American cyber bars and Japanese maid cafes, serves primarily Asian-style fusion cuisine that draws influence from China, Japan, Korea, and Thailand. Currently under ownership of Kazue Fujiyama.
  • Bull Corgi Brewhouse- A localized brewery well-known for producing quality liquors and is slowly expanding to deliver products nation-wide. Currently under ownership of Mordechai Amsel in honor of his late stepsister Danya Amsel.
  • Näcken of the Lake- An establishment that includes a restaurant and music hall, casino, and even a hotel that draws inspiration from The Bellagio in Las Vegas with a gorgeous lakeside location. Live music shows are hosted on a weekly basis. Currently under ownership of Orpheus Engström

  • Kaze no Ibuki- A Japanese-style resort that houses a number of restaurants and cafes, an indoor bathhouse, outdoor hot springs, and an extensive Japanese garden. Located in the mountains and caters primarily to magical and monstrous folk, though booking a room here allows non-magical guests to travel anywhere they wish instantly through the use of the hotel's teleportation services until they leave. Currently under ownership of Naomi Kita.

  • The Cask & Cello- A bar-esque establishment with the rustic aesthethic of a medieval-style tavern, equipped with a casino, a large cabaret-style stage for musical and theatrical performances, and the charm of a home-style English diner that serves homemade European and American meals and desserts. The establishment hosts weekly events including musical performances and bands, dramas, and open mic every Friday night. Rooms are available for overnight stays, though are often fully booked. Currently under ownership of retired musical performer Mavis Abernathy and her son Darcy Abernathy.  

  • Le Diable Danse- Translated literally as 'The Dancing Devil', this establishment is a grand Las Vegas style casino, complete with hotel room suites for overnighters, outdoor and indoor pools, a buffet style restaurant featuring international cuisine, a large bar and game room, a music hall, and an airy garden area. Currently under ownership of Castiel Larsson.

  • Beauty & the Beast- A joint hair salon and spa establishment that caters to folks of every race (anthro, human, or otherwise) and to all genders, offering services that include but aren't limited to manicures/pedicures, hot spring soak, sugar waxing, massages of varying types, acupuncture/acupressure, and hot stone treatments for relatively reasonable prices. The establishment prides itself on the use of organic and natural products for their treatments, including shampoos, conditioners, and essential oils. Currently under ownership of Cezar Santiago.

  • Dough Re Mi- A bakery as well as a coffee and tea shop that offers fresh baked pastries, hot and cold beverages, as well as sandwiches, paninis, and other eats for breakfast and lunch time. The establishment stops serving breakfast and lunch after 5 PM, but baked goods and beverages are available all day from 7 AM to 10 PM. Hours tend to vary between seasons, with less hours during the spring and summer and more hours in fall and winter, and the store always closes on Sunday. Currently under ownership of Esther Chevalier.

  • The Javawocky- A coffee and tea shop that sells baked goods, sandwiches and paninis, and other dishes for breakfast and lunch. Breakfast and lunch are no longer served after 5 PM, though coffee, tea, and baked goods are available all day until the store closes at 10 PM. Unlike the Dough Re Mi, the Javawocky maintains consistent hours year-round, though the store always closes on Sunday as well. Currently under ownership of Uma Abbey-Holt.

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