Sven (normal; without hat)

Real Full Name: Sven L. Steinberg
Coma Full Name: Sven
Nicknames: Mini Me (Skully)
Gender: Male
Current Age:

(Manufactured mature; acts as if in late 20s to early 40s)

Less than 1-1  (Season 5)

1 (Season 6)

1-2 (Season 7)

Birthday: April 16
Species: Tedi (Conker's Bad Fur Day)

5'08" (anthro)

5'08" (human)

Body Type: Average
Orientation: Bi-Curious
Birthplace: Conveyor Belt (Conker's Back Fur Day; Tedi voice, but German accent)
Family: Hax (brother)
Lovers: Skully (boyfriend)
"Voice Actor":

(no Tedi accent and with Tedi accent)

Introduced: Germany 4


Unlike normal Tediz, Sven has light grey fur, dark grey "bags" around his eyes, and red eyes.

His mouth is lined with stitches with the exception of the front of it. The stitches stretch and if they broke, nothing would happen, but he likes them there. He has a industrial piercing through the top of his left ear.

His hair is medium length and black.

For an outfit, he wears a black trench coat, black and red Tripp pants, and gothic boots. He also wears a military officer's hat with the Tediz symbol.

Inside is just stuffing, but his fabric skin feels like normal skin with fur. He's very soft like a teddy bear and as such could be used like one.


Sven is definitely a leader. He's observant and once he's been betrayed, it's almost impossible to get him to come back. He's normally very serious, but will be more laid back in normal settings. With Skully, he's very cuddly and affectionate, but he can switch to battle mood at any time; very capable of changing emotions to whatever he wants.

Due to his deep German accent and shrill Tedi voice, he often sounds like he's forcing a scream, so many people think he's insane; comes off as angry, but with a straight face. Due to this, he finds it hard to interact with others who don't know him well. He has his own language, but seldom uses it. Tedian language is a mixture of English, German, and Spanish, but mostly German. He IS capable, however, of speaking in a deep voice with a German accent if he focuses; he can drop the Tedi part in his voice, because otherwise it's hard to understand him sometimes.

Due to how he was created, he is still a Tedi and acts as one quite often, making him come off as harsh to those who don't know him. He commonly threatens others that if they don't give him the info or item he's requesting, he will use force; this is not a hollow threat, but he wouldn't hurt someone close to Skully.

When he walks, it's sometimes a normal walk, but sometimes he marches instead.

While not afraid to show his nicer and sweeter side, he doesn't really show others that side unless he loves them. With friends, he might joke around and treat them like part of his platoon, but others, he doesn't truly care about.

Love and RomanceEdit

Hans II lurrrves Tex by YamiMiyuki san

Sven (flirting)

CUTE by pinkyparrot

Sven (with teddy bears)

  • Mostly men and some women.
  • Military men/women.
  • Goth/emo/scene/punk men/women.
  • Dark/crazy/psychotic/insane men/women.
  • Anyone who has saved his life is a possibility.
  • With Skully, sometimes a bit shy and nervous.
  • With anyone else, extremely direct.
  • Mostly physical and doesn't ask for permission first.
  • Usually gives no prior warnings.
  • Absolutely no hand-holding (will get mad if someone tries).
  • Kissing (somewhat often).
  • Hugging (about as often as kissing).
  • Cuddling (somewhat rare).
  • Handshake (the most common; his way of saying he likes you).
  • Bro-fist (if they're extremely close).
  • Shows a preference for horror movies and action movies.
  • Refuses to do anything girly.
  • Likely to give things he takes off enemies' dead bodies; hats, clothing, accessories, money, etc.
  • Will sometimes give a rose later in the relationship.
  • Does not like receiving teddy bears (will flip out at them; says they're too cute to be Tediz). The only exception is if it's much later in the relationship; he'll assume they want a kid and ask them about it.
  • Will share his hat willingly.
  • Will dance.
  • Will do duets.
  • Will have a gunfight (he refers to it as extreme laser tag) if they wear bulletproof clothing.
  • Will protect them no matter how dangerous a situation is.
  • Will die for them no questions asked.
  • Despite being mostly serious, he will comfort them no matter what's bothering them (even if he doesn't understand).



Afraid – Aingstezh

Always – Iemy

And - Und

Army – Comiizh

Blood – Blut

Burning – Boonz

Burns – Bunzh

Call – Vol

Change – Weich

Crew/Platoon – Bonts

Dead (dying) – Sturbent

Devil – Toofel

Do – Tunt

Don't – Nont

Ever – Fefi

Eye(s) – Blick(ses)

Fill – Yin

Fine – Feinst

Fire – Fiel

For – Por, Ti

Fur – Fel

General – Zhaneral

Hate – Hass

Heart – Hurs

Her (any fem. noun) – Shey

Him (any masc. noun) – Thot

I – Eit

I'm – Eizhbi

Life – Liid

Loyal – Treuzh

Love – Lieb

Lovely – Liebizk

Me – Mi

Much – Mutz

Must – Mus

My – Mizh

Never – Niefi

No – Nein

Not – Nicht

Of – Vos

Once – Mal

Or – Noch

Our – Serv

Passion – Leebitkash

Pride – Piel

Questions – Fragentines

S.H.C. – E.S.K. (Eichhörnchen Stark Kommando)

So – Estu

Spark, Sparkle – Funtel

Stain – Bunt

Swear – Gezhk

Tediz – Tedi

That's – Eits

The – i

They – Les

Told – Sagzh

Torture – Fulter

Victory – Sithuntii

Wait – What

What – Vut

Whatever – Wazhmeir

With – Mitz

We – Wir

We're – Wirtz

Yellow - Gelpow

Yes – Ja

You – Zhu


1 – Ute

2 – Deu

3 – Thi

4 – Far

5 – Fif

6 – Ses

7 – Set

8 – Och

9 – Nii

10 – Dec-#

20 – Tue-#

30 – Tri-#

40 – For-#

50 – Fit-#

60 – Soc-#

70 – Sev-#

80 – Cho-#

90 – Nes-#

100 – Utezk-#-#

200 – Deuzk-#-#

300 – Thizk-#-#

400 – Farzk-#-#

500 – Fifgi-#-#

600 – Sezhk-#-#

700 – Setizhk-#-#

800 – Ozhket-#-#

900 – Niizhk-#-#

1000 – #-#-#-Unes

2000 – #-#-#-Deuses

3000 – #-#-#-Thises

4000 – #-#-#-Farses

5000 – #-#-#-Fifses

6000 – #-#-#-Seses

7000 – #-#-#-Setes

8000 – #-#-#-Oches

9000 – #-#-#-Niisii

10000 to 90000 – #-#-#-#-(Ute to Nii)

100000 to 900000 – #-#-#-#-#-(Ute to Nii)

1000000 to 9000000 – Mi-(Ute to Nii)-#-#-#-#-#-#

10000000 to 90000000 – Bi-(Ute to Nii)-#-#-#-#-#-#

100000000 to 900000000 – Tri-(Ute to Nii) -#-#-#-#-#-#