Roo the zombie by saya chan 7-d3gr43k

Zak (Normal)



Real Full Name: Zak L. Johnson
Coma Full Name: Zak


Gender: Male
Current Age: 24
Birthday: August 27
Species: Zombie
Height: 5'07"
Body Type: Slender
Orientation: Pansexual
Birthplace: United States
Family: None

Skully (boyfriend)

Alex (boyfriend)

Sventlona (girlfriend)

Mizore (girlfriend)

Brittany (girlfriend)

"Voice Actor": Family Force 5
Introduced: Story 18


Zak is a zombie, but his body doesn't rot, smell, and is not contagious. His skin is a pale white and cold to the touch. His eyes are a metallic silver color. His hair is a mowhawk with spikes on the sides and a buzzcut everywhere else. The mowhawk and spikes are blue while the buzzcut is black. He has a huge gash on his left cheek from where he was mauled. His ears have black gauges.

His normal outfit is blue jeans with holes in the knees, a black T-shirt with a white anarchy sign on it, black leather, fingerless gloves, and a blue denim jacket. When he does wear shoes, it's usually skateboarding shoes.

He is never seen without his fire axe. The handle goes through a loop and into a self-made pocket while the head points forward.


Zak has a very social and accepting personality. He's pretty laid back, but won't hesitate if someone's in trouble. Although he does get a bit agitated when people automatically judge him being a zombie, he never does anything to harm them unless they're bullying; usually someone does something for him.

Due to once being alive, he has a past life, but is fortunately able to move on from it. He committed suicide prior to being met and has no idea why he became a zombie. Due to his past, he longs for acceptance, love, and sometimes even attention, but is too ashamed to ask for it.

He stands up for others in a heartbeat, but finds it hard to stand up for himself. Due to this, it means the world to him when people stand up for him.

While being a great guy, he is known to get cocky in fights since he can't feel pain due to being born with congenital arsegesia. That combined with his zombie abilities make him harder to kill. Strangely enough, he can still feel everything not pain-related.

Although he tries to be as human as possible, he still retains some zombie-like habits like banging on doors that are closed (locked or not), roaring when mad, and the preference of meat.

He has complete control of himself, doesn't ever HAVE to eat (although sometimes he gets a craving for meat; not necessarily flesh or organs), and has average human intelligence, so he hates being treated as "one of them".


  • Lovers
  1. Skully (In depth ---> Zak and Skully)
  2. Alex
  3. Svetlona
  4. Mizore
  5. Brittany

Abilities and SkillsEdit

Basic Theme SongsEdit

  • Life Theme
    • Evanescence - Missing
  • Love Theme
    • Escape The Fate - Gorgeous Nightmare
  • Sexual Theme
  • Fighting Theme
    • Pendulum - Immunize