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Real Full Name: Zander A. Doe
Coma Full Name: Zander



Gender: Male
Current Age: 21
Birthday: January 7
Species: Lucario

5'10" (anthro)

5'07" (feral)

5'08" (human)

Body Type: Slender
Orientation: Bisexual (only for Skully)
Birthplace: United States
Family: None
Lovers: Skully (boyfriend)
"Voice Actor": Finger Eleven
Introduced: 5 years before Season 1


Zander is slightly taller than a normal Lucario in both feral and anthro forms. He also has purple eyes.

He wears flip-top welding goggles.

The majority of Seasons 1 through 4, he was a feral Lucario, so nothing other than his goggles were worn.

When anthro or human, he's known to wear basic jeans and often times a blue or black t-shirt, but no shoes.


Zander is very much like Kane, but softer at heart; willing to help, more caring, and less serious.

He's still trigger happy and loves violence.

He has a thing for coffee and has to have some to start off his day.

Unlike Kane, Zander is shy about affection and love; Kane is very blunt and usually doesn't like it.